Providing Experienced Professional License Defense And ADR Services

Professional License Defense And Administrative Law

Most often, a professional license is the means of the future and livelihood to the person who holds it. Having that license threatened by a disciplinary action is sure to be stressful, overwhelming and anxious. At Lane Williamson Law PLLC in Waxhaw, I regularly defend professionals throughout North Carolina who are facing disciplinary actions by a professional board or administrative agency.

The Complexities Of Administrative Law

In addition to providing advice and representation to attorneys who face disciplinary proceedings conducted by the North Carolina State Bar, I also defend other professionals in similar situations. I regularly handle matters involving other North Carolina state agencies and boards, representing and advising individuals and businesses in their dealings with the state.

Being an effective advocate for clients dealing with state agencies involves having a deep knowledge of the complex regulations that form the state’s body of administrative law. It also involves understanding how the state agencies work.

Trusted Experience At Work For You

My experience as a former Special Superior Court judge, my ongoing work as a certified Superior Court mediator and my experience in other forms of alternative dispute resolution all inform my work guiding clients through their matters with the state agencies and boards.

I am available to handle matters before:

  • The State Bar
  • The State Bar’s Disciplinary Hearing Commission
  • The Judicial Standards Commission
  • The Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Other professional and occupational licensing boards

I counsel clients throughout North Carolina with matters before state professional licensing boards or other administrative matters with state agencies, boards and commissions.

My Experience With Professional Licensing and Boards

If you are an attorney or other licensed professional facing disciplinary proceedings or other matters before your state board, you need the advice and representation of an attorney experienced in these areas. I regularly represent and advise lawyers who are facing North Carolina State Bar disciplinary actions.

I was also formerly the chair of the State Bar’s Disciplinary Hearing Commission, and I often speak about legal ethics issues and attorney discipline at legal education programs. I also have represented other professionals with issues involving such administrative agencies as those regulating medical, dental, real estate, veterinary and insurance practices.

Your Future Is At Risk.

If you are facing a disciplinary proceeding conducted by your licensing board, your license could be suspended or revoked entirely. This most certainly puts your means of practicing your profession or occupation and making a living at risk.

All licensing boards are required to provide a hearing before taking disciplinary action. The hearing results in a final order, so it’s crucial to be properly prepared. You are taking a chance if you choose to do this on your own. I work with professionals going through the hearing process to help them prepare evidence and conduct a vigorous defense.

Are You Facing A North Carolina Licensing Board Investigation? Call Today.

If you have received any notice that you are being investigated by your North Carolina professional licensing board, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. I invite you to contact me for a confidential consultation. You may reach me to schedule an appointment by calling 704-859-8392 or by sending an email through my website. I serve clients throughout North Carolina.