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Alternative Dispute Resolution In North Carolina

North Carolina is a leading state for alternative dispute resolution (ADR). I have served as a Special Superior Court judge and I am a certified North Carolina Superior Court mediator, as well as a mediator for federal court cases. I founded Lane Williamson Law PLLC in Waxhaw to serve as a mediator and facilitate collaborative solutions for resolving conflicts.

Advantages Of Using Alternative Dispute Resolution

Advantages include savings in time and client costs, greater control over the process and the ability to choose a mediator or arbitrator with the background and skills best suited to the case. ADR provides the parties with a better chance of preserving their relationship. It also helps preserve confidentiality. Client satisfaction is high. I have experience in consulting with lawyers within the state on the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, primarily mediation, and I am available to act as a mediator or arbitrator in their civil state and federal cases.

Types Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and arbitration are the most common forms of ADR, but other ADR processes in North Carolina include early neutral evaluation, med-arb, facilitation, neutral fact-finding, discovery refereeing, mock trials and the use of special masters. ADR, no matter what type, can be an effective and efficient alternative to taking a case all the way to trial.

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