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What to do if your professional license is at risk

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Professional License Defense

Many of the best-paid careers in North Carolina take years to establish. People need to complete specialized training before they can start their careers. Oftentimes, they also need to obtain state licensing. That process may entail a state test, records submissions and a background check. North Carolina mandates licenses for professionals in fields ranging from accounting to healthcare. State licensing is therefore crucial to someone’s earning potential and long-term career plans.

Certain situations may put a professional’s license at risk. If someone loses their license, they may not be able to continue their chosen profession. What should North Carolina professionals do when circumstances may lead to the loss of their professional license?

Gather as much information as possible

To properly respond to a situation that could affect professional licensing, someone first needs to understand why they are facing professional censure. Typically, summons from the relevant licensing board include information about why someone faces professional discipline. In some cases, there may have been complaints that led to an investigation. Other times, criminal matters could be the underlying cause of disciplinary action.

Get proper support

Depending on the cause of the issue, there are several different tactics that could help someone protect their professional license. If criminal charges are to blame, defending against those allegations could go a long way toward preventing collateral damage to someone’s career. A lawyer can help a North Carolina professional facing criminal charges choose the right response to the allegations.

If an internal investigation or complaint is the source of the disciplinary action, the accused professional still has options. Any disciplinary hearing that occurs should offer an opportunity to clear the professional’s name. They can have a lawyer advocate for them during that hearing. Lawyers may be able to obtain reduced consequences or review and leverage the bylaws for the licensing authority in a way that benefits their client. Given how much is at risk, the average licensed professional might not be able to remain as calm and collected as would be necessary to best represent themselves at such hearings.

Being proactive and getting legal support as soon as possible is often beneficial for licensed professionals who are at risk of losing their state license due to disciplinary action.